• ***Flash news differ in Prices for MUMBAI and PUNE ***
  • *** Special offer Rs.300/KG to UAE (Min 10 kgs) *** terms& conditions apply
  • We request all our valuable customers to insists on verifying the credentials of the pick up boys coming from Garudavega International courier services and also to insist a Garudavega Brand Packing material if doubts kindly contact (83745555611)**pick up charges applicable depending on the distance
  • GarudaVega ships medicines - Charge is Rs.2300/- for half kilo.
  • We are looking for Franchises in DELHI, KERALA, ORISSA, Tamilnadu & Karnataka , Mangalore), Please contact PartnerUS if interested.
  • Attention: Pl. insist on taking Garudavega Receipt for all transactions. In case of any concern - pl. contact Customer Care or call +91 40 4555 5055, +91 967 655 5300
  • EDUCATION & Office Executive SPECIAL ****** Documents Rs.1499/Shipment from INDIA - USA EXPRESS Delivery ******

Feedback from kiran. Appreciate your feedback.


price and 5 days ok. they do not have any additional info other than DHL tracking info. customer care repeatedly will tell same thing if you ask. DHL dropping off at apartments is a problem. DHL does not have any control over shipment service center. we have to send an email and wait for them or wait for next day arrival which we do not know when he is going to arrive at home. if you need a package you have to sit at your front door for all day to drive an hour to their warehouse to pick it up personally.

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